Week 3: Waiblingen + Venice

After Berlin we visited my cousin in Waiblingen, which is a suburb of Stuttgart in the south of Germany. On a Sunday they took me to an arty kids’ park called Eins und Alles (One and Everything). It was founded on the idea of providing sensory experiences for all ages and the different stations / activities are designed by students from an art school in the area and constructed with the help of disabled people. It was pretty fun to go through!
EinsundAlles Stuhl

EinsundAlles Bogen

EinsundAlles Spiegel

EinsundAlles Tür

Back at home, my first cousin had a birthday party and the Lego police station he got (and immediately assembled) was his pride and joy.


While we didn’t make it into Stuttgart itself, we went to the downtown of Waiblingen which was absolutely adorable and walkable.


Waiblingen innenstadt
Then we ultimately got on a plane to go to Venice. I had never flown over the Alps before. Pretty amazing!

Venice has been burning hot. Now I understand when folks talk about taking a shower and then feeling immediately damp again. Worse than the midwest. However it is beautiful and charming nonetheless and we take walks at night when it is just slightly cooler. Below are some impressions of the city.