periphery of experience

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I am intrigued by the infinite universe that we as individual human specks comprise, each with his or her own profound life experiences. What kind of residue, internal or external, is generated by these life experiences? Different ones I have had or heard about are reflected in the treatments of the torsos, such as the infectiousness of a friend's good energy or the crisis of a fictional character.

The process of reflecting on these experiences allows me to escape from my own mental constrictions. One compulsion I have is to keep track of the minutiae of my own particular life and write everything down. I am probably not the only one for whom quotidian matters accumulate and become an obstructive veil. Hearing of the tragedies and triumphs in the lives of others gives me cause to contemplate the ways human lives coexist--parallel, overlapping, and intersecting--and offers a new perspective on my own life beyond the tyranny of my lists.